Agoran Museum of History

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Welcome to the Museum!

The Agoran Museum of History is a project started by myself and tyrant5678, in conjunction with my work at Agora University in the History Department. The Museum is all about perserving what remains of older cities and civilizations, while we still can. We go on expeditions to unknown or abandoned cities, taking pictures and recovering artifacts. When we get back to Agora, we put the artifacts, replicas, and information in the Museum where it is available for all to see.


We hope you enjoy the Agoran Museum of History!

Photos from the Expeditions

On each expedition, we take lots of pictures of the cities we are exploring. We use these to construct what replicas we can in the Museum, or to try and perserve historic structures in memory if not in fact. However, due to the limitations of the Museum's size and funding, we can't always make replicas of the things we see. So, we post the photo albums from the expeditions to this site.

Do you have information for us?

If you know something about the lost and abandoned cities of CivCraft, if you have an artifact you could donate, or if you have suggestions for what cities we should visit next, please use the "Submit a Site" tab at the top of the page, PM the user Tambien on Reddit, or talk to Tambien_Sinclair in Agora. Thank you!


The Agoran Museum of History cannot survive on good faith. We need money to finance our expeditions and aquisitions. If you want to donate to the Museum, contact Tambien on Reddit or Tambien_Sinclair in the game.

Agoran State University

While not an actual part of the ASU system, the Museum is affiliated with the University History Department. We collaborate on certain projects and share knowledge.


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